Getting Started Guide

Parts Supplied

The following parts are supplied with the IMU sensor:

  1. Chip Robotics IMU Sensor

  2. USB cable


To communicate with the IMU sensor you can either use USB or UART.

USB Connector

A standard mini USB connector is used to connect to the IMU Sensor.

UART Connector

A 4 pin Molex connector is used for the UART connection, with the following pins 3.3V input, Tx, Rx, GND. The pitch of the connector is 2.54mm (0.100”) so standard Dupont connector / jumper wires can be used for testing. However for a secure connection, the following Molex connector should be used 0050579404Pins for the connector are purchased separately and details can be found on the Molex website. A typical pin used for such connection is Molex 0016020102.


Install the Chip Robotics IMU Sensor for Windows or Linux.

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