Product Details - Getting Started

Product Information

Scanner Front
Side View
  • The barcode scanner has 3 conveniently located scan buttons.
  • On the front several additional buttons are placed for easy user navigation.
  • There are 2 customizable front buttons, which can be set in:
    • Settings -> Feature -> Customized Key
  • For screen capture: "power" + "Volume -"
Scanner Back

Getting Started

  • Slide the buckle down to pull out the strap from the bottom.
  • Unlock cover lock tabs.
  • Remove the battery cover.
  • Pull the battery tab to remove the battery.
  • Remove yellow insulation sticker on the battery.
  • Insert micro sim (optional). The device does not require a SIM card.
  • Charge using USB-C port or cradle charger.
  • Press the power button for 4s until the device screen starts to display and then release the power button.
You must remove the yellow insulation from the battery before getting started.
Remove yellow insulation sticker
Back with battery removed


You can charge the PDA using either the cradle charger or USB-C plug.
The battery can be fully charged after 4 hours of charging, and the standby time is over 48 hours.
Cradle can charge 1 battery and 1 device together.
The left indicator light is the battery charging indicator, when the battery is charging, it's red. It becomes green once fully charged. The right indicator light is the power-on indicator. It's green when power is on, and it is off when power is off.
For optimal battery usage, please charge the device when the battery power is less than 20%. If the battery has been drained please allow several minutes for the indicator light to work.
Cradle Charger

Scanner Settings

Please open the scanner app and the following options will be displayed.
Scanner Options
This can be used to change the scanner settings such as sounds, decoding mode, append prefix, append suffix, etc.


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